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완벽한 고용 기회를 찾는 것이 Swift Connect의 주요 미션입니다.

완벽한 고용 기회를 찾는 것이
Swift Connect의 주요 미션입니다.

(마감) 시스템관리자 주니어를 찾고 있습니다.

2021-07-29 19:19
Swift Connect 에서 함께 일하실 시스템관리자 주니어를 모집합니다.

포지션 :System Administrator Junior
장소 : 사우스 써리
급여 : $20~$22 (연봉 $45,000)
이메일 : info@swiftconnect.ca
담당자 : 곽미숙 (778-988-7724)

관련 경력 보유자 또는 관련 전공자의 많은 지원 부탁드립니다.

1. 업무내용
Setup laptops and desktops. (OS and default software installation)
Setup label printers and paper printers.
Prepare user accounts on Active directory and Microsoft office 365.
Maintain asset inventory.
Monitor, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot desktops, all-in-one computers, laptops, label printers
and paper printers.
Install system software, patches, drivers and upgrades as required.
Replace hard disk, RAM, keyboard of laptops/desktops as required.
Repairing mobile computers Honeywell MX7 and Raspberry Pi based custom device
Configure managed switches, access point and VOIP phones.
Cat 5, Cat6 crimping, patch panelling, setup/mount IDF cabinet and network troubleshooting.

Identify, resolve, and track technical problem with a sense of urgency, ownership and can do

2. 지원시 요구사항
1 – 3 years experience in IT Support or System Administrator role.
University/College degree/diploma in Computer Information Systems/Computer Science.
Ability to prioritize task while still supporting non-technical users with daily issues
Experience with Microsoft office 365.
Experience with Windows server (2012, 2016) and Linux server (Ubuntu or CentOs)
Experience in networking (managed access points, managed switches, subnetting, patch
paneling, crimping)
Experience with virtualization (VMware VSphere)
Experience with troubleshooting and maintenance of zebra label printers, paper printers,
desktops, and laptops.
Must adhere to all software and hardware licensing requirements

3. 지원자격
Microsoft Server experience (2012, 2016)
Linux Server experience (Ubuntu or CentOS)
VMware ESXI experience.
Networking management experience (Fiber, Cat6, Cat5 and Cat 3)
Switch management experience (CISCO/Netgear/Linksys)
Microsoft Exchange (Office 365) or similar.
VOIP phone system (Panasonic PBX) or similar.

Microsoft Windows (CE 6.0/ 8 / 10)
Scripting (Windows bat/powershell)
Mobile Computers (Honeywell Tecton) or similar.
Zebra Designer pro or similar label designing software.
Surveillance camera system configuration and setup (Swann) or any similar system.
Total 0